Frequently Asked Questions

How soon should we register our church?

The sooner the better.  The longer your church has the event kit, the better your program will be, and the better opportunity you will have to activate and empower your leadership within the church and create community support.

What is the last date that our church can register?

The last date to register your church is March 12, 2018.  However, for your church to fully publicize this event and create excitement, we recommend at least 4 weeks ahead.

Will the technology work?

Absolutely!  We have a team of tech support people willing to help any way we can! 

What kind of technology is needed on our side?

A high speed internet connection is needed.  If your local church does not have a high speed internet connection you can use a smartphone with a data plan to create a Wifi HotSpot in your church and connect your computer, Roku, or other device to the WiFi HotSpot for Streaming. (High Speed Connection should be 5 MB/ps for HD Broadcast and 3 MB/ps for SD Broadcast) If you don’t have a computer or a projector we recommend purchasing a Roku device and connecting it to a television. You will still need a smartphone Wifi HotSpot or a 4GLTE HotSpot from a cellular provide to be able to stream to the Roku if your church does not have a high speed internet connection. Don’t worry, we are here to help you ensure your event is successful.  If you need technical assistance, please use the forum area of the website and we will provide feedback and help.

Our church has multiple campuses, how much will it cost us to simulcast in more than one campus?

The cost is $225 per church.  This will cover the simulcast for 2 campuses.  Anything additional will need to purchase another simulcast package.

Can we simulcast Tragedy Into Triumph in our home study groups?

Sorry, we can only license the simulcast to be displayed in churches only.

How is Tragedy Into Triumph unique?

1.  The event runs over 4 evenings.
2.  There is a different speaker every evening allow diversity in attendees.  Your crowd will be different each night based on who is speaking.
3.  Each Speaker is from a different walk of life and each speaker has a different experience of the grace of God.
4.  Each Speaker will tell the story of what God did for them.
This event provides opportunities for your people to engage their family, friends and co-workers about real life problems, and real God solutions.

How has Tragedy Into Triumph impacted Heritage Nazarene Church?

It provides an event for us that the whole church rallies around.  In fact since this event began our church attendance has increased 75% and our membership has increased close to 60%.  Over half of that growth can be attributed to Tragedy Into Triumph.  More specifically the event allows our people an opportunity to invite others to hear someone that they already know through sports, news, books, or movies, and hear that person talk about Jesus.

How will Tragedy Into Triumph impact our church?

1.  Prayer For one week prior to the event your church will be engaged in focused prayer, believing that God can do great things through this effort.  2.  It provides focused outreach for the people of your church to rally around.  3.  It provides excitement that your church is participating in something much larger that is impacting people across the USA/Canada.  4.  It will revive and encourage your people to believe again that God is moving and that God has great plans for their life and your local congregation!

What happens if our church can’t participate for all the nights?

We would encourage you to participate on the nights you can, even if your local church calendar doesn’t allow participation each night.  The goal is to expand the gospel of Christ around our region.  Your church will be glad they participated in this coordinated effort even if it’s only one night!

Is the cost different if we only participate in one night?

Sorry…the cost is still only $225. That provides a site license for you to utilize the simulcast over the 4 nights in your location.  There is no discount for only participating in one night. 

Should we provide child care?

That is up to your local church and should be contingent upon those you are trying to reach.  We would say every church should have something for children each night so that mom and dad can be fully engaged in the stories of the speakers.  In your kit we will help you know how to find child care.

Will there be a test simulcast before the event goes live?

Yes!  We will have a test video streams on March 1 & March 8 @ 10 AM & 8 PM each day.  These test streams will be an opportunity for prayer together and teaching to ensure that each site has everything ready to go to maximize this event for your people.

Once I register how soon will I get the promotional information and step by step guide?

Once you register you will receive an email with a username and a temporary password that will grant you access to the promotional materials and the step by step guide.

What does our church do for worship music?

You can certainly worship with JJ Weeks Band as a part of the simulcast, or your church is free to have their own worship prior to the live video feed.  We are committed to starting the featured speaker each night by 8:00 PM sharp.  Your church could have announcements, and local worship before joining the live national simulcast precisely at 8:00 PM, or your church can worship with us live starting at 7:30 PM.

Your church is in the Eastern Time Zone….How can we have a successful event if we are in a different time zone?

Certainly we would love to have everyone church to stream the event live, however that may not work for your church if you are in a different time zone. However we are committed to help you maximize this event for your location. Therefore, we recommend the following service times for time zones other than Eastern…

Eastern: 7:30 PM (Live)
Central: 6:30 PM (Live)
Mountain: 7:30 PM (Archived)
Pacific: 7:30 PM (Archived)

Keep in mind that Sunday’s session could be live for every church in the USA/Canada region with some creative start times in our churches on Sunday afternoon. The goal is for each church in the USA/Canada to have the same speaker and emphasis on each individual night so that the event is as impactful as possible in our region! Rest assured that even if you have to start your service at a different time, the impact will be the same.

Will you help me promote our simulcast event?

Absolutely!  At the main Tragedy Into Triumph Site ( there is information there to drive individuals in your community to your church, as well as a list of all of the simulcast locations.