MARCH 18-21, 2018!


What’s Included?  

4 Night Live Simulcast of Each Speaker

We will provide the training, resources and the tools necessary to ensure an effective outreach in your community.

Items Included:
How To Rally Your Local Church for Support And Get Them Excited
How To Secure Sponsors
How To Advertise
How To Ask For A Decision To Follow Christ
How To Get Information
How To Follow Up With Decisions Made
How To Lead Prayer Renewal In Each Church Prior To The Event

What equipment is needed?

A computer, projector, and internet connection using the Google Chrome Browser are all that is needed.  Internet Connection must be 5 MB/ps  for High Definion Broadcast of each night’s event. or 3 MB/ps for Standard Definition.

We provide support and information to help you have redundancy in your internet connection just in case in our step by step guide once you register, as well provide two test simulcasts with technical support to ensure that things are working correctly before the event.